CloudyShark Studios | Graphic Design & Illustration
Game Design & Marketing
Cloudyshark Studios creates casino based apps for both scratchers and slot machines. While at Cloudyshark Studios I created cross-platform marketing campaigns and promotions. I designed UI and digital content for mobile apps, refreshed branded assets, supplied original artwork, and generated in-app promotional advertisements. Through design I created a unique voice and tone for mobile experiences, moving from conceptual wireframes to high-fidelity, illustrated environments. I worked in cross-collaborative teams to produce marketing materials driven by user testing with final output supported through analytics and user engagement.
UX/UI Design, Graphic Design & Illustration  |  Kate McCarter

Brand Director  |  Nate Ratcliffe

UX/UI Design & Graphic Design  |  Hannah Ensor

Illustration  |  Luke Litman

Lead Dev  |  John Wussow

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