SolarWinds Assets & Branding

The creative team and I rebranded all digital and print collateral for SolarWinds. I expanded brand guidelines by developing style guides, logos, and iconography. The digital assets included components, web pages, web applications, marketing campaign landing pages, and full website redesigns. I designed promotional material across a variety of user touch points, including digital banners, event pages, and environmental graphics.
​​​​​​​The redesign called for new templates for a range of web based materials. I also designed and oversaw the production of run of business updates to the over 17 SolarWinds sites. I continue to help regulate brand use helping others in the company implement the new brand correctly or create new assets when there is a new business need.
Company: SolarWinds
Role: UX Design Lead & Visual Design
Projects: UI Asset Library, UX Design, Brand Library
The Team: Nicole Eversgerd (Brand Director), Eric Noon (Sr. Graphic Design), Greg Vanderpool (Sr. Graphic Design)
Sites:,,,,,,,, paper,,,,,
Deliverables: asset library, brand library, web components, landing pages, web page templates, email templates, marketing landing pages, e-commerce, navigation structures

SolarWinds is a company with an ever expanding portfolio of product offerings. The company wanted to keep all products visible in the nav while organizing products in ways that were easy for users to find what they needed. We broke the content needs down into buckets and distributed them among the main navigation tabs. Under the "products" tab we sorted products into portfolio items determined by Product Managers and linked out to related free trials for the users who were not ready to try out a full product download. 

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