Pingdom, a SolarWinds acquisition, was looking to increase its annual subscribers from their pricing page. Working closely with the web team, we generated design proposals for an updated view of available plans. We then conducted A/B tests to identify signup conversion rates and optimize our design direction accordingly.
Hypothesis: Users are distracted by too much information on the pricing page and conversion would increase if we simplified the layout and content.
My Role: UX/UI Design
The Team: Nicole Eversgerd (Brand Director), Rachel Morrill (Lead Web Project Manager/Dev), Andrew Reinhardt (Lead Web Project Manager)
After discussing the pain points shown above, I created a rough mockup for the main stakeholders to review and, with their approval, got started on low fidelity wireframes. These included distinct call-outs for UX updates to the pricing view in an effort to raise annual sign ups. We also worked with product marketing management to significantly pare down copy and simplify the comparison table. 
After getting sign-on from the stakeholders and team, we moved quickly to draft and develop high-fidelity comps (see below). In our initial A/B test, we found that the new version performed with more than 37% lift over control. The percent change from control to test for annual "Standard" alone was over 450%. The percent change for "Enterprise" was over 166% with an increase in other metrics as well.
Given the first test's success, we created multiple new variants to emphasize different value props within the containers. We soon found that more limited information consistently performed better versus control. In addition, pushing 'Enterprise' content further below the fold decreased the section's click rates by at least 10% versus the height of 'Pricing Page - A' (see above).
Our hypothesis that users would convert at a higher rate when presented a simplified view appeared to be correct. The team began developing updated page designs to achieve similar gains across the SolarWinds portfolio.

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