THWACK Community
The THWACK Community connects users with more than 130,000 IT professionals and community members, who've contributed to help SolarWinds make superior products, provide educational IT content, and, most importantly, help IT professionals do their jobs better. With almost 15 years of content, the THWACK Community has a large array of items for IT professionals to view and interact with. THWACK hosts live and online user events as well as user experience sessions to help make SolarWinds the best products for IT pros.
The Brief: In the process of migrating to a new platform we redesigned the user experience and refreshed the look and feel for the site. While rethinking the user journey we were able to optimize for both new and existing users.
My Role: UX/UI Design
The Team: Nicole Eversgerd (Brand Director), Danielle Gaitan (Community Manager), Casey Gum (Lead Dev)

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